Robins Live Life Fast

Bird Movies by Jo,

Birds move so fast that often you don’t know what you just watched. We need eyes that do instant replay in slo-mo for us.
This movie is a “short shot”–less than a minute. You can see all my films, short and long, on my YouTube channel: Jo Alwood.

5 thoughts on “Robins Live Life Fast

  1. Love the robins! They are the cutest things , just being themselves, hopping …. yes, the cute bird who hops. We have bluejays, cardinals, robins and quite a number of other birds around here.

    • In fact, theyoushow2000, I’ll eventually do a couple of longer films about Robins. They are pedestrians more than most birds, and I want to show that. Thanks for watching and commenting.

      • Ahh, this is beautiful . And, wow, what a morning. It is winter, and cold and I went outside to see two beautiful blue jays and some other birds. They were looking at me, “hey, we’ve been here a while, where’s breakfast”?

        It is nice to see the birds in winter. Seems not all birds fly to Florida for the winter.

  2. Yeah, well, those hungry birds are early risers. They can’t see why you would want your own breakfast before they get theirs. After all, they live outside and need more food to stoke their furnaces.

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