A Great Horned Owl Pair Has Mated

The Great Horned Owl pair that’s been nesting in our woods for seven years has stayed for another mating season, despite tornado damage to their trees. They mated on Dec. 27, 2013. They may have copulated more than once, but my husband saw them on that date for sure. I’m hoping to film an owlet or two in March.
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One thought on “A Great Horned Owl Pair Has Mated

  1. The neighbors whose property actually contains the Sycamore where the Great Horned Owls nested emailed me this morning to say that the owls are back in that tree. There had been a hole in the first fork of the tree, covered by lots of branches above it. The hole is still there, but most of those branches are gone now. Apparently the owls don’t think those leafless branches offered substantial protection from rain anyway.

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