Great Horned Owlet in our woods or not?

We haven’t been hearing the Great Horned Owls calling to each other in the woods behind our house. We know they mated on December 27th, and we hoped they’d nest in the Sycamore again, even though it sustained damage in last spring’s tornado. They were seen there in the snowstorm on January 5th. But not since. Then last night, as a severe cold front blew in, I heard them calling for more than an hour.

What does that mean? Huh?

Did they roost in the Sycamore or somewhere else nearby after all? Has the egg hatched? The female can lay an egg in one day and incubate it in 30 days, so it’s possible. It’s just possible that they now have offspring. If so, it (or they) got one harsh welcome to planet earth in last night’s wind and cold. I’ll be alert for their voices this evening, and if I hear them, I’ll figure the egg might well be hatched. Keep the little one(s) warm, Mama. This has been such a severe January.

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