Do birds remove from the nest eggs that aren’t going to hatch?

I ask because the Great Horned Owls that have nested in the woods in back of our house these last eight winters have a failed nesting this year. We observed them mating (in fact, I filmed them once in late January), but the activity around their nesting site all but halted by mid-February. Then, on March 6th, I found a Great Horned Owl egg about a hundred feet from their nest. When I opened the egg, I found a blob filling half the cavity. It wasn’t developed: no discernible appendages or features.
I think I’ve read that birds remove eggs that aren’t viable, but I searched the internet and couldn’t find confirmation of that. If you can confirm my suspicion, I’d love to hear from you. The mystery of that egg sitting a hundred feet from the Sycamore is nagging me.