Snake: Eastern Yellow-bellied Racer

Just because you’re out birdwatching doesn’t mean you don’t see other wildlife. My husband and I happened on a snake in a birdwatching blind. This Racer didn’t show us how fast he could move, but he did show us, closeup, how fast he can flick his tongue. He was smelling us to decide if we were dangerous.

When I was in my twenties, I was terrified of snakes. So when I was about thirty, I went to a biology teacher who kept them in his science room and asked him to help me get over that fear. He did so by having me touch a boa constrictor–a large one–because he said that it was so large it wouldn’t make any sudden, scary moves. He was right. By the time I left, I had draped the snake around my shoulders and enjoyed the feel of its muscles moving. (And when I got home, my cat bit me because he smelled a snake on me.)

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