Robins as Pedestrians

It’s a wonder suburban thoroughfares aren’t littered with the corpses of Robins, as much as they play in the street. But they successfully avoid the oncoming cars. What I want to know is WHY they choose so often to be pedestrians. Sure, they fly across streets some of the time, but they’re just as likely to run.
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Great Horned Owlet scrutinizes a human

I was as much an object of scrutiny as this owlet and its parent were.

The local Great Horned Owls have nested in the same Sycamore for eight years now, and they tried again in February. That nesting failed. On March 9th, I found the egg on the ground, opened it and saw the fetus. Now, on April 20th, I filmed their baby in a pine tree a block from the old nesting site. I’m no expert on owlets and can’t judge this one’s age. All I know for sure is that I’m going to keep an eye and a camera on that nesting site so I can film him when he’s ready to fledge. Maybe by then, he’ll be used to seeing me around, hmm?
I filmed last year’s Great Horned Owlet (as well as a Screech Owl). Two months ago, I posted a movie showing our Great Horned Owls copulating.
You can see all my movies on my YouTube channel: Jo Alwood