Why Birds Bathe

This short film shows close ups of many bird species bathing and explains why birds bathe even on the iciest days. Have a peek at them in the spa.


Goldfinches in Autumn

Goldfinches are those drab little birds at everybody’s feeder in the fall, right? If that’s what you think, you need to watch this movie. If you know better than to think that, you’ll want to watch the movie.

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Bad Weather Brings Good Birds

The worst of this year’s winter weather is over. We hope. But if we get any more ice, freezing rain, snow or cold temperatures, watch your bird feeders, because those conditions often drive nice little surprises your way–especially if you always have a reliable source of water for the birds. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, but birds prefer hosts that serve beverages.

You can see all my movies on my YouTube channel: Jo Alwood