Hummingbirds Feeding on Flowers and Fighting

Hummingbirds can zip off in every direction at once–because they weigh only as much as a dime and they beat their wings 80 times a SECOND!

This movie is three years old–but timeless. I’ve done two more on hummers since this one: Hummingbirds Feeding on Flowers and Fighting and Hummingbirds Fighting at a Feeder.


Hummingbirds on Flower Beds: Feeding and Fighting

When hummingbirds find flower beds they like, they feed like they’re threading needles and they fight each other like welterweights on uppers.

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Hummingbirds: Speed Freaks of the Bird World

Hummingbirds can shoot off in every direction at once. They live one fast paced existence. (If you turn the sound up, you’ll be able to hear the hum as they fly.)

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