How to Attract Birds to Your Yard in Winter: Part One

This initial installment in a two part series explains the advantages of various feeders and of what you might choose to put in them. Crisp, close footage illustrates the information–and the occasional witticism keeps the narration from being dry.


Two Squirrels Versus a Squirrel Baffle

Whether you like seeing a squirrel frustrated by a squirrel baffle or whether you like to see ingenuity succeed … there’s something for everyone in this movie.

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What Squirrel Baffle?

Baffling squirrels is … possible–IF you keep every jumping-off-point to a feeder at least ten feet away. The trick is to know what they might jump from. Flimsy shrubbery will do for these trapeze artists. Do what you can to frustrate them, but also enjoy them as they rise to the challenge.

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