Pied-billed Grebes FISHING … CLOSE UP

I don’t think I could pick a favorite bird, but this diminutive predator–bobbing up in the water, juggling a fish into position and scarfing it down whole–would have to be in the top ten. At least one of them frequents our lake every spring and fall. They’re only half the size of a house cat, but, even without claws, they’re better hunters.


Bowl and Doily Spiders

One early morning in late August, I found a bed of Black-eyed Susans dotted with dozens of dewy spider webs. I like sparkly things, so I looked more closely and found the webs to be identical in construction and mind boggling in their intricate detail. Their tiny residents–Bowl and Doily Spiders–spurt toward prey that lands on the web as if they were jet propelled. The name of the web is so apt. My grandmother could never have crocheted a doily that delicate. And the bowl is a million dollar chandelier–a deadly one.

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Dragonflies: Sex and Death on the Fly

Would you risk death for sex? Here’s a risk worth taking: watch a movie full of action, info, wit, and a jaw dropping final sequence.

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Dragonflies On the Hunt

Dragonflies–with a 95% kill rate–are the most lethal predators on the planet. Grotesque too, if you get a close look at their faces. But they’re so gorgeous and acrobatic that people love ’em. (And besides, they don’t sting or bite–not humans anyway.)

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