Bringing Up Baby Robins

Raising baby Robins is trickier than you might think. They can’t digest worms when they first hatch, for example, anymore than a newborn infant could eat filet mignon. So what do they eat? They don’t have diapers. How do the parents keep the nest from getting completely gross in the first two days? After two weeks, each nestling is eating 14 feet of worm a day, so the parents are worm hunting at warp speed.
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A Killdeer’s Broken Wing Act

Is it unethical for a videographer to peer at Mama Killdeer’s eggs in order to film the female doing her broken wing act? If so, I’m guilty. But she did perform with √©lan.
Killdeers are shorebirds … who don’t need a shore. If you don’t believe me, visit any high school football field or golf course, where you’ll likely find a nesting pair of Killdeer. They’ll help you find them by screaming “killdeer” as they fly off in alarm. In fact their Latin name testifies to their noisy habits: Charadrius Vociferus.
They produce “precocial” babies–babies that are already fluffy, ready to run, and able to feed themselves. What’s more, those babies are all born at the same time, no matter how many days apart the eggs were laid. That’s because the first egg laid does not begin to develop until the mother Killdeer begins incubating the eggs. She doesn’t do that until the last egg has been laid.
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